Thursday, January 17, 2013

Workout Diaries: VII

I can't even express how happy I am that this week is almost over. I feel bad saying that, but it's been rainy all week and walking to work in this weather has just gotten me in the worst mood.  But the good news is that I've stayed motivated and kept active all week! Also, I have a 3 day weekend coming up... so I can't be but so annoyed!
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Weightloss Goal & Pounds Lost To Date:

My goal is to lose a total of 60 pounds. So far I've lost a total of 3 pounds since last Monday!

What’s Keeping Me Motivated:

 >> THIS << calorie counter continually keeps me active! For me, logging all of my foods and seeing how many calories I'm using is what keeps me motivated. If I know that I want a soda or Starbucks, I'll put in a few extra miles so that I can get those extra calories. I was surprised, because I had been looking forward to NOT working out over the weekend... but I found myself putting in an extra 5 miles because I just couldn't justify sitting on the couch all day.
 I'm also prepping for the (Love Rox) race next month and a 5k obstacle course race (Rugged Maniacs) in May. The last time I did a 10k I was able to finish in a hour in a half.... and I'd really, really like to beat that time! The only way to improve is to put in the work... so that's exactly what I'm doing.
Also, a special shout out to our new pup Kanga... her energy is on a whole different level, and if she isn't exercising everyone else is miserable. So that's keeping everyone in our household much more active, especially on the weekends.

How I'm Staying Active:

I'm still walking a total of 3 miles every day, just walking to and from work. During the week I've been putting in an additional 3 miles in the gym, and I make sure 2 of those miles are strictly jogging. On the weekends, we've found a 3 mile route that we like to take the pups on... so weather permitting I hope to do that several times over the weekend. Once it's spring-time and not dark when I get home, I want to start taking that loop in the evenings as well.

Healthy Foods I’ve Tried:

I've been eating much healthier than I have in a long time, and like I said last week my portion sizes are less than half of what I was originally serving myself. I've really been loving frozen grapes, bananas, and strawberries for snacks during the day. I've also made sure that I have at least 1 vegetable side for both lunch and dinner.
I found >> THIS << recipe for cauliflower bread sticks, and I think this might have to find it's way to my mouth pretty soon!

Goals For The Upcoming Week:

I want to continue to walk to work every day, and to stay in the gym 5 days per week. Also, next week I'd like to start doing weight training twice per week in preparation for the Rugged Maniacs.
*Workout Diaries is a weekly post that will track and monitor the progress that I am making as I attempt to lose 60 pounds. Please feel free to follow along and post your success stories or struggles in the comments section!

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