Monday, March 4, 2013

A Homey Weekend & Projects For Spring

I haven't been very good about blogging on a regular basis. I would appologize, but I think my 2 followers and random spammers will forgive me.... just this once?! ;)
I guess life has just gotten in the way, and in my opinion that's a very good thing.
I have been working really hard on some goals at work, one of which is seeing my clients more. I am a social worker and with that comes a lot of paperwork. I'm trying to balance that out and see my clients more and more each month, so things have been busy. One day my hope is that I will be selling furniture full time and taking care of a family, however that is several years down the road and so for now I need to find joy in my job. It's not easy... but spending more time with clients and less time at my desk seems to help.
I've also continued to work out several days a week during my lunch break. Recently, I've started jogging outside and I'm really loving that. It's a totally different workout than jogging on the treadmill, and as sick as it sounds I really enjoy how sore my legs feel after jogging up and down hills for an hour! This weekend I took my dogs out for a morning jog, and I'm looking forward to continuing that because they really seemed to love it. Also, I'm going to Daytona, Florida next week... 8 days! I can't wait! I'll be in Daytona for 5 days and I can't even explain how much needed this vacation is and how excited I am to see the beach. My goal is to start doing sit ups every day and that is my main motivator right now. I also have another race coming up next month and I'm really looking forward to that.
This weekend I deep cleaned my apartment and I'd have to admit that nothing relaxes me more. I'm a neat freak, and unfortunantly I had let the apartment get much dirtier that I would like and it was stressing me out... so I spent a few hours on Friday, most of Saturday, and a few days on Sunday scrubbing every single inch of our livinig space, re-organizing, and getting rid of things that we no longer use. My next goal is to sell most of our dishes and start fresh. I want to buy all vintage and I want them to match (not perfectly, but the colors need to go together... right now I'm really into milk glass and pea-green).

I also baked, which is another way that I de-stress. I used THIS recipe and added chocolate chips (and also sprinkled the top with brown sugar) - the. best. banana bread. everrrrr! I also made a second loaf only instead of adding bananas I cooked up the filling for my famous apple pie and threw that into the batter. Let's just say my boyfriend refuses to share this one..... it was goooood. And if all of this wasn't enough to combat my diet... I made homemade apple turnovers. I had fun in the kitchen to say the least...... but now that the weekend is over, it's time to get back on track and eat healthier!
Since we have decided to wait another year before we move (west coast baby! so far we're debating on Washington State and California! andddd I'm also obsessing over New Mexico!), I'm focusing on creating a calming home environment and really getting into do-it-yourself projects. So far I've decided that I want to make wine-bottle tumbler glasses and I also want to re-finish a kitchen table that we inherited yesterday. It's just a typical table, but it needs a little TLC.... one of the chairs is broken, and currently it's painted a dark green. I'm excited to start sanding it down and can't wait to look at paint colors. So look forward to that process, because I'll be posting pictures once it's complete!
Anyway, those are my plans for now. I'm considering making a youtube channel and putting up some cooking videos... but we will see how that turns out!
That's all for now... enjoy your week!

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  1. The Apple Bread is mine and I am not sharing have a nice day!!!


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