Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So I went home sick on Friday with an ear infection (womp womp)... but there are so many cool things that I found on the internet last week that I still wanted to share! So here it is, a few days late!
A collection of things I'm loving this week on the internet...
I'm obsessed with the octopus, and >> THIS << article totally blew my mind (omg you have to read it)! Also, the above picture was from a posting on facebook of all places... did you know:
"Octopus reproduction is fairly uniform across species. When a female is ready to mate, she releases a chemical into the water that attracts males. They follow this chemical to the female, where they will often fight one another for the right to mate with the female. Sometimes the female will mate with more than one male. The same chemical that attracts the males stops the males from... eating the female - cannibalism is common amongst octopodes."
My man & I have been jamming to this song all weekend! I also love this parody... so funny!
This was really motivating for me this week!
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>> THIS << is gorgeous! (please hurry, camping season!)
>> THIS << makes my heart melt!
>> THIS << blog post by Bridgette is so helpful for all of you out there fighting the flu! Who knew hydrogen peroxide was so useful??
>> THIS << just deepened my girl crush on Amy Poehler!
>> THESE << just came in the mail, and I love them! Plus the shop owner is amazing!
What are you loving this week?!

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